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Future Vision

Field Education and Research Center 

Soon, the MVPGR will break ground on our very first facility; a Field Education and Research Center. The center will be located adjacent to the MVPGR near the main entrance, and will provide year-round shelter from the elements (shade from the summer sun and shelter from the winter rain) as well as comfort facilities that support both outdoor education and field research. This infrastructure will allow us to better support field research and grow both our outdoor educational programming and our outreach and engagement with the campus and local area community and beyond.

Field Education and Research Center rendering. 

Field Education and Research Center rendering depicting rainwater capture. 

Vision for the future

Our grand vision for the future is to facilitate amazing field-based research and outdoor educational experiences for the campus and broader Merced community and beyond. We hope to expand from the Field Education and Research Center and 1) build a full field station facility that would further facilitate ground-breaking research related to ecosystem conservation and 2) develop an immersive outdoor educational landscape that learners of all ages can visit and engage with to send the message to kids (and their families) in the greater Merced community that where you live is special; you don’t have to go far away to experience the outdoors; there are amazing natural landscapes right here in your own backyard! 

Specifically, we want to:

  1.  Support world-class, impactful, interdisciplinary research
  2. Empower youth and the community to appreciate, understand, and engage with nature, through learning about: Natural landscapes in your backyard. Expanded Curriculum that goes beyond vernal pool & grassland ecology to critical topics like climate change, watershed science, rangeland science and more!
  3. Inspire & empower next generations of leaders in environmental stewardship, education, and career opportunities in STEM field science such as green, sustainable, and emerging technologies that will be essential for their future.
  4. Create multi-scale social & environmental change