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Process to Get Access

To Visit the Reserve

Please go to the Reserve Access Management System (RAMS) and submit an application form. The Reserve Director is responsible for approving uses of the Reserve.

All visitors must read and abide by the Reserve-specific access and safety policies. For additional questions about access, please contact the Reserve Director.


Evaluation of Application

Requests to visit the Reserve will be approved if the activities are consistent with the mission of the UC Natural Reserve System and they pose no harm to the ecosystem or to native biodiversity. The numbers of visitors in your group, the duration of the stay, and the specific areas you wish to visit may be restricted to protect the ecosystem. Reserve lands are also environmental mitigation lands and are subject to federal and state permit conditions and regulations. In addition, environmental easements serve to protect the lands in perpetuity from damage or development. Planned research activities may need to comply with additional requirements because of this federal and state oversight.